Welcome to Beit Ruth

The Beit Ruth Educational & Therapeutic Village is a long-term therapeutic residence and school with a mission to ensure that vulnerable and at-risk girls are given the opportunity to thrive emotionally, socially and academically, thereby breaking the cycle of violence for themselves and future generations of children in Israel.

In a safe, structured and loving home environment, Beit Ruth provides the academic and therapeutic resources necessary to enable at-risk girls to re-enter society as caring, educated, independent and empowered young women. Our goal is to equip each girl with the necessary life, education, social and emotional skills in order for them to leave the Village as healthy, happy, educated and empowered young women.

Our Programs

The holistic and proven Beit Ruth model for rehabilitating and saving the lives of Israel's at-risk girls is built on four fundamental pillars:

Our intensive and individualized academic curriculum ensures our girls receive the knowledge and understanding to graduate with a high school diploma and leave as capable and well-rounded individuals.

Beit Ruth provides a nurturing and structured home environment with the individualized “parental” care necessary to give each girl the security and love needed to heal, learn and grow, and the skills to forge a healthy and fulfilling life.

Beit Ruth's therapeutic programs are designed to empower our girls with the psychological and emotional strength needed to overcome trauma, build self-esteem and restore strength and emotional and social capabilities.

Our enrichment programming equips each girl with the skills and resources to become healthy, engaged and resilient, able to care for herself and others, and be an engaged citizen of her community and of Israel.

What Our Girls Say

My only dream is to be able to raise my own children differently. To give them the chance to grow up in a loving environment by a mother who is not a drug addict…
— Shoshana Age 16
Beit Ruth - Shoshana quote
At Beit Ruth I learned I don’t need to be afraid of the tomorrow anymore. Maybe my past wasn’t shiny, but it doesn’t mean my future can’t be like lots of diamonds shining bright.
— Yael Age 14
Beit Ruth - Yael quote
If I hadn’t been accepted into Beit Ruth I would probably still be living in and working the streets – with no future to look forward to. Thanks to Beit Ruth I feel safe again.
— Sarah Age 15
Beit Ruth - Sarah quote

News & Events

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What an Inspiring Evening at the 2019 Beit Ruth Gala!

What a night! We — the Beit Ruth founders, our Board, the staff, and our girls — cannot thank you enough for joining us at the 2019 Beit Ruth Gala and for being on this journey with us.

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Wedding Dress Project with Israeli Dress Designer

Among the therapeutic enrichment programs at Beit Ruth is Art Therapy, a cornerstone of our Integrated Academic and Therapeutic approach. Art therapy uncovers hidden talents while building confidence, trust, and self-esteem.

Beit Ruth Launches Fellows Program with Tufts University

Beit Ruth is proud to announce that we are now part of the Tufts University International Fellowship Program! The Tufts/Beit Ruth Summer Fellows, Elena and Aviva, arrived at the Village in June for a 9-week Summer Fellows program, primarily focusing on teaching English-as-a-Second-Language to our girls and staff.

A Special Passover in the Beit Ruth Village

Thanks to our angel hosts, the Iranian American Jewish Federation, and donors, more than 200 people gathered at the Beit Ruth Village for an amazing Passover celebration!

Why Our Work Matters

Israel is not immune from the global pandemic of abuse.

Listen to Beit Ruth founders Susan and Michael Ashner and Executive Director Danielle Burenstein explain the urgent need for the Beit Ruth Village and how our expert-driven care, education and therapy is saving the lives of hundreds of Israel's at-risk girls.

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