Home Life


Providing a loving and supportive home atmosphere is a key pillar of Beit Ruth’s approach and is fundamental to providing restorative care for our girls.

As it would be for anybody, for many girls, it is a bewildering and frightening experience to be removed from their home and to be surrounded by unfamiliar faces. Our therapeutic, residential, and administrative staff set a family-like tone that is central to helping our girls feel safe, included, and cared for.

Each of our houses is staffed 24-hours a day by a loving and well-trained team of house managers, social workers, and counselors. We ensure that all of our girls' physical needs are met, including food, clothing, and health care. Girls sleep three to a room and decorate their space to make it their home. Houses are equipped with a kitchen where girls can cook together, a dining room to share meals, and an area to just spend time with each other, allowing them to forge strong bonds that can last a lifetime.