Academic Program



Because most of our girls have had challenging experiences in mainstream education, with many dropping out of school altogether as a result of the trauma they experienced, a patient and tailored approach to education is critical.

The girls at Beit Ruth are taught by specially trained and highly-qualified teachers who follow an intensive curriculum set out by Israel’s Ministry of Education. Our Academic Program is highly individualized, with lessons taught in small classes and a focus on one-on-one tutoring to meet each girl's unique needs and abilities. Our teachers work with the girls to cultivate essential learning habits, as well as creative and critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. The focused attention each girl receives is also expressly designed to help restore a love of learning and the determination to succeed.


Students study for six hours a day Sunday through Thursday, plus one-on-one tutoring and other extra-curricular support. Unlike typical Israeli schools, our students continue to study through July. This extra month is important for our girls to help close significant educational gaps.

Close relationships with our girls, and careful coordination among principal, teachers, counselors, therapists, and house coordinators allow an attentiveness and responsiveness to each girl that is part of Beth Ruth’s holistic approach to healing.