Enrichment Program


Beit Ruth’s Enrichment Program is made up of a diverse range of elective activities and professional skill building courses, including music, art, and phototherapy; animal assisted therapy with horses and canines; and a maritime program. And because many of our girls have never been outside of their own community, educational field trips throughout Israel foster a deeper connection to their country that strengthens their Jewish identity and exposes girls to the healing power of nature.

Each carefully designed program contributes to our goal of providing girls with personal resource skills that build emotional strength, as well as tools to ensure that they can successfully re-enter their communities as educated, empowered, and capable young women.

Having spent much of their life isolated from others, our Enrichment Programs enable girls to learn the meaning and importance of teamwork, while honing their leadership, communication, problem-solving, and listening skills. The challenges they overcome in a safe and guided environment help to build their self-confidence as they experience first-hand what they are capable of learning and doing. These programs teach them patience, resilience, tenacity, and trust in themselves and in others.