Meet Our Girls

Somehow you believed in me.
You saw something no one else could see
and gave me the chance to make something of myself.
— Sara, age 16, Beit Ruth Graduate
Beit Ruth girls - Sara


Sara came to Israel from Russia with her mother at the age of 9. Her mother couldn't look after her on her own and neglected her, leaving her virtually alone.

Sara descended to a life in the streets. She was found in a police station after a violent assault by a criminal gang. When she arrived at Beit Ruth, she was suffering from deep emotional distress. She was completely withdrawn, taking all steps to distance herself from the staff and the girls in the Village. After two years at Beit Ruth, Sara began to excel at school and exude joy, positivity and confidence.

Today, she is giving back to society by working as a caregiver for the elderly. She is also a wonderful mother to her young daughter.

You are the first family I have ever had…
I’m so glad i’m no longer in the streets on holiday nights.
— Lea, age 14
Beit Ruth girls - Lea


Lea's parents are severely addicted to drugs, and Lea herself was born addicted as a result of her mother’s drug use. Lea always struggled with mental and learning disabilities. As a result, she had major difficulties at school and lacked the motivation and ability to apply herself.

At 14, Lea came to Beit Ruth where she was given the individualized attention and structure she needed to heal and grow. She eventually got her high school diploma and has gone on to serve in the IDF as a shooting instructor for new soldiers. Beit Ruth gave Lea the opportunity to succeed and she has blossomed into a kind, confident, independent young woman with limitless potential for a bright and happy future.

You taught me how to love flowers.
I never looked at flowers before...
— Adina, age 14
Beit Ruth girls - Adina


Adina was abused by her mother's boyfriend when she was just 8 years old. This abuse continued, undiscovered, for four years. Unable to cope, her mental state started to spiral. For the next few years, Adina struggled with substance abuse, an eating disorder, and self-harming.

At age 14, she tried to commit suicide. Her first two weeks at Beit Ruth were extremely difficult but our staff refused to give up on her. Gradually, her mental state started to improve and she settled into life at the Village. Adina went on to graduate with a high school diploma.

While working in the HR department of an IT company, she is also applying to University where she hopes to study engineering. Adina has found direction and hope, and is proud to now be in a position to help other at-risk girls, as Beit Ruth has helped her.

At Beit Ruth I learned It’s possible to love
without expecting anything in return.
— Yael, age 17
Beit Ruth girls - Yael


When Yael arrived at Beit Ruth, she required intensive therapy and 24/7 supervision. She was depressed, suicidal and would regularly self-harm. Slowly, she began to heal and trust again and developed strong bonds with staff and other residents.

When the judge in Yael’s case visited Beit Ruth, he was moved to tears by the amazing progress she had made and credits Beit Ruth with saving her life. Today, Yael is happy, strong and healthy and is a wonderful role model to other girls. Yael is now volunteering in the National Service while continuing her education.