Beit Ruth - Danielle Burenstein

Executive Director, Danielle Burenstein

Danielle is Executive Director of Beit Ruth and directs strategic planning and development to help lead Beit Ruth to a higher level of community-building, visibility, partnership development and impact.

Before joining Beit Ruth, Danielle was the Executive Director of Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village in Rwanda for vulnerable and orphaned youth -- modeled after the youth villages built in Israel after the Holocaust. Previously she led development at an independent school in Harlem and at a leading congregation in NYC.

Prior to her work in development, Danielle was a Corporate Social Responsibility manager at a Fortune 11 company. She began her career as an attorney with a Paris law firm before moving back to NYC to join the Legal Aid Society where she represented the underserved, addressing issues of poverty and housing. Danielle is the proud daughter of a Holocaust survivor who arrived in what was then Palestine on the Exodus 47.

She credits her Mother as showing her what courage looks like, teaching her how even during the worst of atrocities, generosity and kindness can thrive and breed hope. She wants to pass on this hope to the girls at Beit Ruth who have never been given reason to believe that the world can be a kind and good place. Danielle lives happily in NY with her partner.

Beit Ruth - Iris Twerski

Managing Director, Iris Twerski

In 2006, Iris was given the enormous task of setting up the Beit Ruth Hostel, and then the Beit Ruth Village, as Managing Director. Ever since, she has been the driving force behind Beit Ruth's evolution from a great idea to a fully operational village equipped to care for and educate 45 at-risk girls. Overseeing Beit Ruth's growth for the past ten years, Iris also manages all of Beit Ruth's institutional activities in Israel, including public relations, partnerships and collaborations, funding and operations. She is also overseeing Beit Ruth's Capital Development Projects, including the construction of Beit Ruth's brand new on-site school building and two additional residences.

Prior to joining Beit Ruth, Iris spent seven years in New York as the Regional Director of the tri-state area with the Friends of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). Iris holds a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

Beit Ruth - Ronit Lev-Ari

Director of Advocacy & Outreach and Special Projects, Ronit Lev-Ari

Ronit Lev-Ari is a pioneer and trailblazer in the field of violence against women and girls in Israel. She served as the Israeli Government’s foremost authority on women’s issues under two Prime Ministers and is a recognized leader in the field of gender-based violence. A founding staff member of Beit Ruth, she leads its Advocacy & Outreach Initiative that is designed to help raise awareness and understanding among like-minded stakeholders about the pandemic issue of violence and abuse. 

Through multiple channels, a decades-old professional network, and as a sought-after expert in gender-specific treatment, Ms. Lev-Ari underscores the uniqueness of Beit Ruth’s model program. Working toward systemic change, she presents our innovative framework to key national influencers and stakeholders, including hospitals, health-care providers, law enforcement, court officials and lawyers, educators, municipal leadership, and policy-makers throughout Israel. Ms. Lev-Ari also addresses the required policy reforms and on-the-ground programs and services necessary to focus on the needs of at-risk youth, specifically, at-risk girls.

Mor Lipin.png

Village Manager, Mor Ben Simchon Lipin

Mor Ben Simchon Lipin holds a BA in Behavioral and Management Sciences and an MA in Social Work for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from Tel Aviv University. She is a specialist in the treatment of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) in girls and women. Mor joined the staff of the Beit Ruth Hostel in Rishon L’Tziyon in 2006, developing psychotherapeutic treatment for girls. During that time, she cared for hundreds of girls who arrived at the hostel and guided the educational staff toward effective care.

When the Beit Ruth Village opened in 2013, Mor was appointed to lead the Village’s treatment services where she assimilated the therapeutic approach among the different teams, while also developing unique treatment programs. In 2017, she was appointed Village Manager. In this role, she leads the Beit Ruth team in spearheading treatment of at-risk girls in Israel as well as provides lectures to mental health professionals. She is passionate about fighting for the rights of girls and women.