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Beit Ruth in the Media

Here They Breathe Again

“Beit Ruth” gives air to dozens of girls who have been kicked out of their home thanks to a generous donation from a woman who was called upon to help teenagers by building a pastoral educational therapy Village in the valley — a place that gives hope and life, and the need for it only increases Read more here.

It Takes a Village to Heal Israel’s Abused Teen Girls

NY philanthropist Susan Ashner celebrates opening of new school at Beit Ruth, marking growth for the holistic therapeutic refuge for young female victims. Read more here.

JCNCF to Host Beit Ruth Weekend

Ruth. Outsider. Devoted daughter-in-law. Jew by choice. Unlikely Jewish matriarch. This, in a nutshell, is the biblical story of Ruth. But her story doesn’t end there. As anyone who studies Torah would say, the ancient stories that are retold century after century, week after week, and that define the journeys and the values of the Jewish people, are as relevant today and live on in our modern world, as we search for greater meaning and purpose. Read more here.

Shelter from Storm for Abused Girls

“To whom does this young woman belong?” [Ruth 2:5]

Zohar, born under African skies, is a daughter of Beta Israel, Ethiopian Jews descended from the Tribe of Dan, once one of the Ten Lost Tribes. Moving with her family to Israel when she was five, by 13 she was lean and athletic, a highly ranked long-distance runner, racing through Israel’s streets, parks and fields, until raped by a stranger in the Ramat Gan soil. Read more here.

JCNCF’s Annual Beit Ruth Brunch Set for January 29

Over 30,000 girls ages 12 to 18 are considered at risk in Israel. Yes, in Israel. Lost to the streets, forgotten, discarded, abused. The issue of vulnerable and at-risk girls in Israel poses a serious threat for the larger mainstream of Israel, and its future. Read more here.