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Beit Ruth Summer Fellow Shares Her Experience

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August 2019, by Aviva Michaeli, Beit Ruth Summer Fellow

Working at Beit Ruth has truly been a one-of-a-kind experience. I learned so much about the Village and the therapeutic and educational services and programs that it provides for at-risk and vulnerable teenage girls in Israel.

While I had spent the past three summers working at different camps, the campers were from relatively privileged homes. Prior to arriving in Israel for my Summer Fellowship, the Beit Ruth staff briefed me about the girls’ backgrounds of domestic, sexual or emotional abuse. Based on what I heard, I expected that the girls would be isolated, withdrawn, and quiet. This turned out to be the wrong assumption. Just like the essence of a “sabra” (cactus pear/native Israeli), the girls had tough and defensive outsides with sweet and wonderful insides that revealed themselves as soon as you got to know them.

100+ Israeli Police Investigators Meet Beit Ruth for a Tu B’Shvat Celebration of Learning and Growing

February 2019 • by Karen Gold Anisfeld, Volunteer

The girls and staff at Beit Ruth Village hosted the Investigative Unit of the Israeli Police Force to celebrate Tu B’Shvat – the New Year of the Trees (predecessor of Arbor Day), when it is traditional to plant trees in Israel during the rainy season. More than 100 officers arrived from all over Israel to learn about the important work at Beit Ruth, to tour the facility, and to plant a green fence of Bougainvillea with the 50 at-risk girls who live and learn at Beit Ruth.

Beit Ruth - Breaking the Cycle of Violence

June 2017 • by Ronit Lev-Ari, Beit Ruth Project Manager

November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The United Nations, and all those who recognize this day’s importance, acknowledge that violence against women is a human rights violation; it is a consequence of discrimination against women; it impacts and deters from progress in many areas involving equality, peace and security; it is preventable and essential. And yet, violence against women is still a worldwide pandemic.

The Meaning of the New Year for Beit Ruth

June 2017 • by Danielle Burenstein, Executive Director

I am blessed to start my year as the executive director of Beit Ruth, an amazing place and community that brings promise, possibility and opportunity for so many young at-risk girls in Israel, girls who otherwise would be out in the streets, lost, forgotten and desperate. At Beit Ruth, every day for them is a beginning of life and hope.