Girls At Risk in Israel

The issue of vulnerable and at-risk girls in Israel poses a serious problem. Because girls are significantly less likely than abused boys to raise red flags, they remain largely invisible, leaving an estimated 30,000 girls in need of help each year.

At-risk girls in Israel

Lack of awareness of signs of abuse means teachers, social workers, and other authority figures often intervene far too late. Without appropriate and timely intervention through a unique gender lens, girls continue to be vulnerable to physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, exploitation, and prostitution. They also are susceptible to self-destructive behavior and are prone to perpetuating the abusive behavior of their past with their own families.

The Beit Ruth Educational & Therapeutic Village provides a critical safety net as well as a safe, structure, and loving environment that provides them with the support, hope and the opportunity for a brighter and better future.

Stopping the Cycle of Abuse

Beit Ruth - stopping the cycle of abuse

Increase Self-Worth

After growing up in damaging environments, most girls have little belief in their ability to learn, achieve, and succeed. Reinforcing to our girls how loved and worthy they are is fundamental to everything we do, from the loving home atmosphere we create, to our individualized approach to education and our intensive therapy.


Empower Through Education

Our individualized academic program is carefully designed to make sure each girl progresses at her own pace. Many girls develop a love for learning and a thirst for knowledge. Empowering girls through education is key to improving their living standards and reduces their risk of financial dependency in the future.


Inspire with Opportunity

Beit Ruth's innovative enrichment programming is designed to develop new skills and interests and gain confidence and self-esteem. By participating in programs such as art, music, sailing and dance, the girls learn critical skills such as leadership, communication, confidence and teamwork.


Provide Safety, Love and Security

Led by a professional all-female staff, Beit Ruth’s critical safety net works to heal and transform the lives of vulnerable girls by creating a safe, structured, and loving home environment. Girls can finally sleep soundly knowing they are safe, loved unconditionally, and that our staff will not give up on them.