Therapeutic Program


Our girls come to Beit Ruth with traumas associated with severe emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.  Each girl meets at least once a week for therapy with her onsite clinical social worker where she begins to understand, work through, and eventually overcome the trauma of her past.

Our highly-trained and intentional all-female staff works to restore self-esteem and confidence, and to empower each girl with the emotional resources needed to work through the obstacles that once limited her potential. Since many of our girls transition in and out of periods of stability and crisis when working through complex emotional issues, individual sessions are continuously adjusted according to need.


Beit Ruth also partners with a licensed psychiatrist and national healthcare providers to ensure girls in crisis are provided appropriate external services when necessary. Girls also participate in group therapy where, through the sharing of each other’s experiences, they realize they are not alone, a critical discovery in the healing process.

Our Therapeutic Program is supplemented by participation in a variety of Beit Ruth's enrichment therapies, including art therapy, music therapy, and equine therapy. These unique approaches to therapy serve as a conduit for communicating inner pain and turmoil, and for expressing their emotions.