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Ribbon Cutting November 2012
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Beit Ruth takes care of at-risk girls and young women who can no longer live at home with their parents and have no other alternative.

We are establishing an educational village that will be a home and will provide an empowerment program to approximately 200 teenage girls. In the meantime, since 2006, we have been running a Hostel that accommodates 12 girls who are full time residents and students. The hostel is the first stage towards establishing the holistic, wider-reaching Beit Ruth Educational Village.

Beit Ruth is their opportunity to break through the cruel cycle of abuse, poverty, and distress that has been an inseparable part of their life so far.

Help us to help them achieve their dream of a better future. Life has shown them so far that they can't do it on their own.

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The Hostel
The Hostel
The Vilage
The Vilage program
Girls At Risk
Our Life Stories
I Know How It Feels

I know how it feels to live in fear
To be abused in body, mind and soul

I know how it feels to be robbed of your innocence
To feel old before your time
I know how it feels to see another abused
And be grateful it’s not you- this time

I know how it feels to live in shame
Less worthy- alone with no one to save you

I know what it’s like to have seen too much
To feel too much and have so little

I know what it’s like to feel hopeless and not want
To go on anymore

Our Mission

The goal of Beit Ruth is to give each young woman an opportunity to escape a life of distress, to stand on her own feet, to be able to properly raise children of her own, and to become a strong member of Israeli society. In the first stage, the girls will finish their high school studies and successfully complete their matriculation (“Bagrut”) requirements. They will then join the Israel Defense Forces, as all girls their age do. We aim to continue to support and work with these girls even after they have completed their army service as part of the second stage of treatment.
Click here to read about the girls life stories and to learn about our waiting list 




The number of at-risk girls between the ages of 14-18, awaiting placement outside the home, is increasing rapidly. The life story of each and every girl entails some form of physical or emotional abuse and in many cases a combination of both. Unfortunately it is a difficult task to identify these at-risk girls, for their suffering is silent to the outside world. They tend to manifest their rage by adopting patterns of self-abuse infliction.
To address this worrisome problem Beit Ruth is establishing a village for 200 girls and in the meantime, since 2006, is running a Hostel for 12 girls.

The Therapy Program

Together with the ministry of welfare we have developed an effective method to address the problem of teenage girls at risk in our nation.
The residents will be divided into small, supervised groups. These groups will provide the required attention and emotional support needed . Each group will be managed separately by a member of our professional staff, who will develop a close relationship with each girl to begin addressing the specific problems by her specific background.

We are now confident that this program is an effective solution for Israel's at-risk girls and we are eager to make our methods available to a larger number of young women in distress.

“Beit Ruth” is named after the biblical Story of RUTH THE MOAVITE
As the ancient story portrays Ruth's full agreement and commitment to make the change, so do the girls at Beit Ruth, who must fully agree and commit themselves to the promise of change in their lives.>>[more...]
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