Beit Ruth FAQ

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What is the Beit Ruth Educational and Therapeutic Village?

The Beit Ruth Educational and Therapeutic Village is a unique and innovative, long-term therapeutic residence and school with a mission to ensure that vulnerable and at-risk girls who have been the victims of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse are given the opportunity to thrive emotionally, socially, and academically, thereby breaking the cycle of abuse and violence for themselves and future generations of children in Israel.

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What is Beit Ruth’s approach to healing young girls who are the victims of abuse?

Beit Ruth’s uniqueness is our all-female professional team who cares for these girls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, where they live in for a few months or up to 4 or more years. Individualized plans are designed for each girl to meet her specific needs and capabilities within our holistic framework that includes academics, mental health services, and enrichment programs.


How long do girls live in the Village?

Girls live in a family-like atmosphere for a few months or up to 4 or more years.

How prevalent is the issue of abuse against girls in Israel?

In Israel, an estimated 30,000 girls are considered to be at-risk — victims of neglect and abuse. We know from decades of experience and anecdotal evidence from experts that abused girls are significantly less visible and, therefore, less likely to raise red flags than abused boys, whose abuse typically manifests in violence, aggression, and destruction of their surroundings. The lack of due attention on, and services for, abused girls exposes an increasing number of them to serious risks and threats. These abuses take various forms and range from continued physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and exploitation, to self-destructive behavior including drugs, prostitution, and suicide.

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How do girls make their way to the Village?

Our girls, ages 13-18, are from throughout Israel and have been removed from their homes by court order as a result of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. They are recommended to live at the Village by Israel’s Ministry of Welfare. We work to address the most vulnerable girls who can benefit from the caring services the Village provides.

How many girls live and are supported at Beit Ruth?

At any given time, approximately 45 girls live in the Village. Currently, three residential houses are home to 15 girls in each house. Each house is a home-like environments with parental-like care provided to every girl.

We are looking to build an additional two residential houses in the near future and an additional five houses in the long-term, allowing us to have 150 full-time residents and to lower the waiting list of girls who need our services.

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What happens to girls after they leave the Village?

Beit Ruth has more than 220 alumni who are empowered young women with a high school education and a toolkit of skills that allow them to begin managing natural life challenges. We continue working with our girls, as needed, through the Beit Ruth Alumni Program.

How is Beit Ruth funded?

Beit Ruth receives nearly 70% of its operating funds from the Ministry of Welfare in Israel. The critical additional funding comes from the generosity of individuals from around the world, foundations, and Jewish Federations.

Does Beit Ruth accept in-kind gifts?

It is costly and challenging to send items directly to Israel. The Village also provides everything from books to clothing to toothbrushes. If you are planning a trip to Israel and wish to donate items, please contact us at prior to your visit to learn about current needs.

If you have questions about the Beit Ruth Educational and Therapeutic Village,
please contact Executive Director Danielle Burenstein at or 516-822-0074.