Beit Ruth Center of Knowledge Seminar

Center of Knowledge

The Beit Ruth Center of Knowledge is housed within the Beit Ruth on-site academic building. Here, Beit Ruth’s best practices and knowledge are shared with diverse professionals, from NGOs to policy-makers, law enforcement personnel to educators, and others. Through working sessions and seminars, we address policy reforms and on-the-ground programs and services critical to effectively serving at-risk youth, and specifically, at-risk girls.

Our Outreach and Advocacy initiative engages with like-minded stakeholders and decision-makers about issues related to violence and abuse as well as unique gender-specific educational and therapeutic interventions provided at the Village. Led by Ronit Lev-Ari, a nationally recognized expert in the field of violence against women, Beit Ruth is resolute in our responsibility to address the need for early intervention and to help lead, participate in, and shape the national conversation about the crisis of abuse and violence against girls in Israel.

Outreach and Advocacy by the Numbers (2018)




Mental Health Professionals




Law & Medical Professionals/General Public