Celebrating Two Years of Beit Ruth Village!

"We’re celebrating the second anniversary of the opening of Beit Ruth Village and we can’t believe all we have achieved together in that short amount of time." -- Ronit Levari, Director of Therapeutic Programming, reflects on two amazing years.

It has been two years since Beit Ruth Educational & Therapeutic Village was established. It’s unbelievable. Only two years, but it feels like much longer. This week we opened a third house! So what do we have after only two years? We have Beit Shoshan, Beit Vered, and Beit Rotem. We have a school, a flower garden and fruit trees, and an organic vegetable garden. We have peacocks that come and go, and stray cats that think they are house cats – occupying our kitchens with us kicking them out again and again.

What do we have in the houses? We have devoted staff who, even when at home or on vacation, never stop thinking about the girls.

We have strong girls who are committed to making real change in their lives. Girls who discover their true strength, girls who learn to honor themselves exactly as they deserve.

We have girls who learn to live in the same house with other girls – which

means learning to be considerate of the needs of others, to help, to support, to announce to staff when she is concerned about others, and to worry with the staff when there is reason to be worried.

We have girls who learn to discover the power of themselves, and the beauty of having girlfriends and of solidarity between women, and who understand the possibility that these are our friends for life.

What do we have in the school? We have high school studies, final exams, handwork lessons, art & crafts lessons, horseback riding, and horticulture lessons. And all this in behalf of devoted teachers who accompany each girl exactly according to her individual needs and abilities. What do we have in our free time? We have music groups, theater group, hip-hop group, movies, and more and more. It’s unbelievable that only 2 years have passed.

On a once empty piece of land, a Village was built that is alive with 13-18 year old girls finally experiencing success thanks to a strong and powerful staff who believes in them, who sees them, who understands their difficulties, and who gives them help and guidance tailor-made to her needs.

With a devoted staff, volunteers, and donors with huge hearts and true trust in the abilities of the girls to grow – all whom have invested in them with deep thought and great sensitivity, the only choice for these girls is to succeed, to believe in themselves, and to get an education and develop the life-skills to live a happy and meaningful life as part of mainstream society.

Thank you all for two wonderful years!