Over 30,000 girls ages 12 to 18 are considered at risk in Israel. Yes, in Israel. Lost to the streets, forgotten, discarded, abused. But with your help we can rescue them and break the cycle of abuse.

The truth is every troubled teenage girl denied the opportunity to leave the streets breeds another generation of battered and abused children. It’s our mission to break the cycle of abuse. And we need your help.

My family and I have always been very supportive of Israel. Several years ago at the opening of a new dormatory we help fund at the Jaffa Institute’s Residental School for Boys at Risk which is a wonderful, caring place that saves many young boys form a life of abuse and neglect. I knew of several facilities like Jaffa’s in Israel and we were proud to be a part of one. I then asked if there was anything like this in Israel for girls and found that, other than a few lockdowns and group homes, there was nothing.

So began the quest to create a safe, positive, educational and therapeutic village for girls at risk. A place for lost daughters to find hope. To break the cycle of suffering. To get an education and heal. Beit Ruth is helping to save lives and reshape possibilities for the future mothers of Israel.

I am happy to give my all but I need help from others who love Israel because we have many girls on our waiting list. When you give to Beit Ruth you help rescue broken souls and enrich Israel’s future. You help provide the hope found in these walls.

– Susan Ashner

Founder, Beit Ruth Educational and Theraputic Village