Eline is Beit Ruth's newest volunteer and has quickly found her place amongst our girls and staff.

Eline has come to Beit Ruth from Holland. She reached out to us expressing her interest in working with at-risk teen girls, as well as her desire to come to Israel. After several email exchanges and some phone calls, Eline's passion, motivation and strength were clear and Beit Ruth invited her to volunteer and then eagerly awaited her arrival to Israel.

Currently, Eline lives in one of our three dormitory houses in the same rooms as our girls. During the day she helps staff with daily tasks, food preparation, and cooking. After the school day, Eline spends time with our girls. In the short time she has been with us, Eline has bonded so quickly with everyone at Beit Ruth. The girls and the staff love her. She helps with English, acts as a support, a mentor, and a friend. Beit Ruth is so grateful for Eline and the time she is contributing to Beit Ruth.

We look forward to spending the next several months with you, Eline!

Here is what Eline has to say about her time at Beit Ruth Village thus far:

"I've been at Beit Ruth for almost 4 weeks but felt at home from day one! It's lovely to be surrounded by Beit Ruth's girls - they are so sweet and enthusiastic. It's also wonderful to see how they decide for themselves they want to go on and build their futures: having dreams like being an artist or a cook. Being with the girls learns me to be thankful for the opportunities I receive. And, that dreams for the future are vitally important - they give us a goal to live up to!"