Our Mission

The Beit Ruth Educational & Therapeutic Village is a long-term therapeutic residence and school with a mission to ensure that vulnerable and at-risk girls are given the opportunity to thrive emotionally, socially and academically, thereby breaking the cycle of violence for themselves and future generations of children in Israel.

In a safe, structured and loving home environment, Beit Ruth provides the academic and therapeutic resources necessary to enable at-risk girls to re-enter society as caring, educated, independent and empowered young women.

“My only dream is to be able to raise my own children differently. To give them the chance to grow up in a loving environment by a mother who is not a drug addict…” Shoshana, age 16

The girls at Beit Ruth come from all over Israel and from different family backgrounds. What they share is that each one has experienced a traumatic past, and lives in a broken present.

Our goal is to equip each girl with the necessary life, education, social and emotional skills in order for them to become self-sustaining, responsible and contributing members of mainstream society. The experiences they acquire in the Village are intended to help them at every stage of their future development – and gives them the tools and resources they need once they leave Beit Ruth to live up to the best of their potential.

“I don’t think I’ll ever forget the moment when I realized with my entire heart and mind that I want to be, need to be, and must be at Beit Ruth .” Yael, age 17

Our expectation and belief is that our girls will make a difference in the world around them. When our students graduate with an understanding that one life can make a difference, and they take these beliefs and skills outside of the Village, success is achieved and the impact is exponential.

Since 2006, Beit Ruth graduates have gone on to hold meaningful positions in the IDF, National Service, they continue their education, find gainful employment, develop healthy relationships, marriages and families, and some are successfully reunited with family.

“I learned to listen, to speak, to understand and to not be afraid." Maya, age 14