Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Abuse

11/26/2017 By Ronit Lev-Ari, Criminologist and Victimologist

According to data by

the Israeli government's Research and Knowledge Department of the Knesset,

between 2014 and 2016, 71 Israeli women were murdered. 75% of these murders were committed by the

victims' partners and 25% by someone in her family.

Israeli police opened

nearly 19,000 files on domestic violence in 2016 alone.


In It Together: Kindness and Tolerance in Beit Ruth

11/15/2017 By Jenny

It's Jenny again (You may remember me as Gemma from my first blog - if you're really curious, I'll explain the name change at the end of this blog). Today I want to open up to you all about a few things that have been on my mind...


Women's Equality Day - Young Women CAN Rebel Against Their Destiny and Be Freed from Oppression

08/24/2017 Written by Hanna Azoulay Hasfari

My name is Hanna Azoulai Hasfari, and I am a first generation of educated women in my family.

This year "Orange People", a movie that I wrote and directed, came out. The movie deals with mother-daughter relationships in the migrant society of modern Israel. This is not an easy topic, specifically if what shapes these relationships is the inter-generational transference of the trauma of marriage, pregnancy and giving birth of a 12 years old girl, somewhere in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.

My mother was born in a small village...


Empowering Beit Ruth's Graduates through mentorship


I believe life directs us to the path we should be walking.

Alongside my passion for high-tech, the area in which I work, I have always been drawn to psychology, and recently completed a course on coaching and communication. As soon as I qualified I knew I wanted to share everything I'd learned with the girls of Beit Ruth.


The Life-changing Lessons I've Learned at Beit Ruth

08/03/2017 Written by Gemma - Current Beit Ruth Girl


Music therapy: A Medium for Expressing Inner Pain – And Overcoming It

06/15/2017 Written by Julia Graham


Beit Ruth: A Place of Love

12/20/2016 Written By Karen Kuller

By the time I make my way to Beit Ruth one day late July, I have read and heard a lot about it.

It was the day of the girls’ annual art show event which seemed like the perfect occasion to finally see Beit Ruth for myself.


Beit Ruth - Breaking the Cycle of Violence

11/27/2016 Written by Ronit Levari

November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The United Nations, and all those who recognize this day’s importance, acknowledge that violence against women is a human rights violation; it is a consequence of discrimination against women; it impacts and deters from progress in many areas involving equality, peace and security; it is preventable and essential. And yet, violence against women is still a worldwide pandemic.


The Meaning of the New Year for Beit Ruth

10/13/2016 Written by Danielle Burenstein

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy and Sweet New Year to you. This is a season of beginnings, a time still to reflect on the past and a time to look forward to a new year full of promise and joy. For me, this new year is especially symbolic.


Expressing Our Thanks on World Gratitude Day

09/21/2016 Written by Nitsan Ozer

Today is World Gratitude Day - and what better reminder to take a moment to celebrate all that is good in life?